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President's Message

Hello and happy spring fellow supply chain professionals. This weather hasn't been feeling like spring so luckily this month has flown by! 
In March we hosted another webinar meeting titled, "Negotiation Strategies: Dealing with Vendors and Suppliers."  The content covered many different aspects of negotiating including documenting the scope and statements of work, making sure you have key goals for your contract negotiations, and other best practices. What I enjoy most about these meetings is we can listen to the presentation and have discussions surrounding the material the presenters are speaking about. It's more of a work session than a presentation. I want to thank everyone who has participated so far. The more participation we have the better the seminar turns out. With more people we generate more discussion and differing experiences, helping us better learn from one another.   
We are starting to plan for next year. I formed a committee of members and board members to help me come up with great content for next year. Many of the topics we are looking at came from the survey we sent out a couple months ago, plus we have reached out to leaders in the community to present for us. We are looking forward to offering you another year of quality educational and networking opportunities. Within the next month we should be able to share some exciting details on what topics we will have for the upcoming year..Stay tuned!
If you have topics of interest please contact me at

Glenn Kreidler
President ISM Northeast WI


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Future Meetings and Events

Vollrath Tour
Tuesday, April 10th - 5 - 630 pm
Vollrath - Sheboygan Plant
Registration begins at 4:30 pm and after the tour dinner will be served on site from Parker Johns BBQ.

Join us for a tour at Vollrath's manufacturing facility. Vollrath manufactures stainless steel and aluminum small-wares and equipment to the commercial food service operations. Vollrath operates six manufacturing plants with locations in Wisconsin, New York and China and has been a leader in commercial induction cooktop technology. Vollrath is a global company with sales, service and warehouse support in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China. The Vollrath Company was started in 1874 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin by Jacob J. Vollrath. Jacob sold his products from a cart and quickly expanded his business. Vollrath devoted its production facilities to military products during the wars and produced a Polio-Pak during the polio epidemic. It was among the first manufacturing companies in America to integrate computer technology. Today, the company is family-owned with Terry J. Kohler, the great-great grandson of Jacob Vollrath, serving on the company’s board of directors.
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Leveraging ISM National Website and Other Resources
Tuesday, May 8th - 5 - 6:30 pm
Join us for presentation put on by ISM National going over the resources that are right on their website that can make your life easier. As a top tier organization they know their Supply Chain professional audience well. ISM National creates tools and content that can be used by your and others at your organization.
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ISM Survey

In December we sent out a survey to our email list of Supply Chain Professionals to understand who is attending, why they are attending and what topics are of most interest to the group. The survey we sent out was a short 10 question survey and of the couple hundred we sent out we heard back from close to 60 people.
We started off the survey asking why be an ISM member and come to meetings. The highest rated answers came in as "my company pays for the membership" and "career growth". Behind that was "networking". It wasn't a surprise to us to see that companies were investing in employees or the employee looking to better their career as the top answers.
The next question was what topics would you be most interested in for future meetings. The highest rated answer was "manufacturing purchasing techniques (lean, ISO Certification, six sigma) and "Advance purchasing techniques" with "negotiations" and "global sourcing" not far behind.
Another question we asked is would you rather have the meetings live and interactive or recorded and on your own. The majority said in a live setting was best closely followed by pre-recorded so they could watch it on their own.
One of the final questions asked would you rather attend a 2 hour meeting or a 1 day seminar. More than 60% of respondents said 2-hour meeting over a full day seminar and 40% preferred an all day seminar.
Overall the message that was taken from the survey is that companies are investing in their people still and some professionals are doing this on their own to invest in their career. We as a board have a strong commitment to bringing you the content you asked for in the next question. We are looking to still offer 2 hour seminars and mix in a seminar during the year. We appreciate your feedback and are always looking for it. If you have a topic or presenter that you would like to share please feel free to email
Thanks to our survey participants.
We are happy to announce our 5 winners of $25 gift cards for taking the survey.
Shawn Gross - JJ Keller
Cyle Wickstrom
Bonnie Holl - La Force Inc.
Pat Rieck - Bemis
Barb Luedke - Bemis

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Share your Favorite Supply Chain-Leadership Books with your Colleagues

Take a minute to share your favorite Supply Chain, leadership, or any other topic of interest to our profession. Follow the link below and send in the name of the book, author, short description, and why you recommend it. We will publish your recommendations in the next newsletter. The more people that participate, the longer our shared list will be.
Click here to submit your recommendation!

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