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President's Message

Winter is soon coming to an end (fingers crossed!). As we end February, just a reminder we have great meetings and tours in the near future. Don't wait to sign up, make sure you reserve your spot today!

As we look forward to our upcoming events, we also are starting to plan for our elections for the organization that happen in May. During the elections we welcome our new board members. We are currently looking to fill board positions. We have multiple positions that are not only board member positions but also associate positions to help in different capacities including assistant to the President, secretary, marketing, and more. It's a minimal time requirement per month that is greatly appreciated because we couldn't do this without the board. We also want to add assistant roles to make the time requirement less for each position. For our board, a little goes a long way.

We are looking forward to new volunteers this year. Please let me know if you are interested by March 16th by either emailing me kreidlerglennl@hotmail.com or call me 920-894-2000 ex 3580. I would be happy to talk to you even if you think you may want to join but need to know more about the positions or time commitments. You will see an email coming out from me shortly with more details.

Glenn Kreidler
President - ISM Northeast Wisconsin

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Calendar of Events

Streamlining Your Procurement Practice

Tuesday, March 13th - 3:30 - 5:30 pm - Liberty Hall - Kimberly, WI
ISM Northeast WI presents an important topic on getting the right skills to equip you and your company with the skill of negotation. This topic presents a systematic approach to negotiation that works in today's marketplace and comports with personal integrity and straightforward communication. The hoald is getting the most value from the marketplace in support of team goals. The material presents the two strategic sills behind successful negotation, and details step-by-step tactics supporting each skill. In addition, the content presents the most common pitfalls in negotation and educates you in avoiding those mistakes.
  • A Fresh Approach to Negotiation
  • Defining Goals
  • Developing Options
  • Delivering Results (Tactics and Communication)

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How to Review for the CPSM Exam


Date:    ***Saturday, March 17, 2018***


(Corrected - had been listed as Saturday, March 18, 2018)

Fox Valley Technical College - Appleton (Room G139)
This is a commitment-free way to learn about the exam and what it takes to study for the exam. Make a small investment to help prepare you for the next big step in your career. There’s no better way to learn if you are ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  

What exactly will I learn?
1. CPSM certification and recertification requirements
2. Cost/registration/application information
3. Review CPSM Exam content areas, question format and types, exam characteristics
4. Breadth and depth of content covered in the CPSM Exam
5. Review course materials with the CPSM Study Guide
6. Review selected questions and answers from the Participant Guide
7. Participate in individual and group activities to cement learning
PLEASE NOTE:  This introduction will NOT provide an in-depth tutorial of all knowledge areas.  It WILL provide you with the tools that you can use to develop your own study plan and to study more effectively. 
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Vollrath Tour
Tuesday, April 10th - 5 - 630 pm
Vollrath - Sheboygan Plant
Join us for a tour at Vollrath's manufacturing facility. Vollrath manufactures stainless steel and alumium small-wares and equipment to the commercial food service operations. Vollrath operates six manufacturing plants with locations in Wisconsin, New York and China and has been a leader in commercial induction cooktop technology. Vollrath is a global company with sales, service and warehouse support in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China. The Vollrath Company was started in 1874 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin by Jacob J. Vollrath. Jacob sold his products from a cart and quickly expanded his business. Vollrath devoted its production facilities to military products during the wars and produced a Polio-Pak during the polio epidemic. It was among the first manufacturing companies in America to integrate computer technology. Today, the company is family-owned with Terry J. Kohler, the great-great grandson of Jacob Vollrath, serving on the company’s board of directors.


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Advantage to Completing the CPSM Certification

Over 60,000 supply chain professionals in 30 countries have been certified through ISM. This professional achievement is valued by employers and organizations around the globe. The CPSM qualification was created for supply management professionals who are forward thinking and wish to have a broad understanding of all components of the profession.
Earning the CPSM certification is prestigious recognition that doesn't happen without preparation. The 3 series test requires work books, classes, and a lot of time studying.
For anyone who has thought about taking the exam but doesn't know much about it, ISM Northeast Wisconsin is hosting a seminar going over everything you need to know before you sign up to take the exam. Cindy Goller will be teaching a class that will give you the basic information you need to understand if it's right for you.

Cindy has taken the CPSM exam and is is passionate about getting other professionals prepared. She first obtained a C.P.M. back in 2001 and then continued to renew her C.P.M.  In 2009 ISM determined that a new level of certification was needed to address the evolving needs of the supply management professional and the increasing complexity of business, including the intricacies of globalization. From there Cindy had to decide if she wanted to continue to pursue the CPSM. Here is her story about earning her CPSM certification.  

For members that had a C.P.M., you could take the Bridge Exam, which had a time limit (you had to be registered by 12/31/14; limit on re-takes was 12/31/15).  I registered in December 2014, attended two study sessions in 2015, studied throughout the year and took my test in my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI on 12/29/15.  I couldn’t get into any WI facility before the 12/31/15 deadline, but I could get into the GR testing facility while I was home visiting family.

I cut it VERY close! If I didn’t pass at that point, then I was out of chances.  I would have to start over and take all 3 exams.  Although I have been involved in a number of high-stakes negotiations, I was anxious about the position in which I had put myself.  Extensive study and preparation:  check.  Actual planning and execution of the test-taking:  well, I could have given myself more breathing room!  Even though the check-in process through Pearson VUE Test Centers is very strict, it was worth it because many testing programs provide a preliminary score report at the test center immediately after your exam, so I didn’t have to wait weeks to find out how I did.  Conclusion:  I passed!

You might be wondering:  why bother?  Part of it is a hunger for learning.  I am genuinely curious and I delight in learning about the world around me.  The other part is that my C.P.S.M. is a hedge against the future.  I’m not guaranteed a salary increase by having a C.P.S.M. and it doesn’t mean that I have a lock on the next promotion, but earning my C.P.S.M. is a way to show my dedication and expertise in global supply management without using any words. CPSM® — These four letters signify that I have cross-func­tional skills that enable me to lead my organiza­tion through the twists and turns of the global economy.

I hope that my story helps inspire others to take the next step.



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Board Member of the Month

Meet Rhona Schulze from the ISM Board of Directors. She is serving as the Secretary and recently made the switch from member to a position on the Board. I caught up with her to ask her a few questions about the transition.

How long you have been in the sourcing profession/what positions you have held?
I have been in Procurement for over twenty years. Currently, I am a Sourcing Manager for Schneider where I negotiate and contract for parts and fuel for our fleet. I have also worked in manufacturing as a Buyer dealing with inventory management, kanban and other lean manufacturing practices, and in retail as a Buyer and Inventory Analysis.

What is your degree in? 
I have my Associates in Logistics from NWTC, my BA in Business Management from Lakeland Collage as well as my CPSM certification.

Why you are a board member?
I have been a member of ISM for the last twenty years, and wanted to give back and be a part of an organization that I felt I personally have gained knowledge from and is a great benefit to the Procurement/Supply Chain profession.

What are you most excited about?
I am most excited about being able to help an organization that I have been a part of for so many years. I also look forward to learning from my co board members as well as the experience itself of being on a board.

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