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President's Message

I want to wish you a happy new year! With the new year filled with resolutions, it makes you stop and think about goals and aspirations. As the President of ISM Northeast Wisconsin, I look at the new year as what kind of value are we providing our members. Are we helping them accomplish career goals they have set for this year and for the future?
We all know that is a complicated question to answer. We try to answer that question every month in our board meetings. We question each other as to what topics relate to our members and what speakers are going to get the point across the best. When it comes down to it our organization is all about education. Being able to educate you as a professional to learn and practice skills you use everyday. Whether it's a topic that directly relates to your skill set or something that you haven't explored, it's all about learning. As James Dewey said, "Education is not preparation for life, Education is life itself."  Challenge yourself this year to attend meetings and to get involved. You will never regret putting time and preparation into your career goals if it's something your passionate about. ISM gives you the educational opportunities to do so.
Glenn Kriedler
ISM Northeast Wisconsin - President




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Calendar of Events

Intermediate Purchasing Best Practices

Tuesday, January 16th - 3:30 - 6 pm
We are holding a seminar taught by Darrell W. Pierce with 30 years of experience in commercial and corporate law on purchasing best practices. Don't lose your battle with the forms. Understand common contracts, forms, and negotiations.The parties have gone back and forth about purchasing and selling goods. Boilerplate terms and conditions have changed hands. Ancillary emails and voice mails have gone back and forth. The parties have been shipping goods and paying for them for months. And then there's a disagreement and everyone is unhappy. Whose terms govern? What's your bargaining position?

Applicable Law: Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code and the United Nations Convention on International Sale of Goods
Requirements for Enforceable Contracts
What Is the "Battle of the Forms" and Why Should You Care?
Strategies and Tactics

  • The Contract You Make: What to Do During the Initial Negotiations
  • The Contract the Law Makes for You (Whether You Want It to or Not): How to Analyze Your Position If You Become a Warrior in a Battle of the Forms

Best Practices

Accommodation Agreements: Access, Security and Tooling
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Pierce Manufacturing Tour
Wednesday, February 7th - 4:30-6:30 pm

Join ISM Northeast WI for a behind the scenes look at Pierce Manufacturing. Pierce is an Appleton, Wisconsin -ased manufacturer of custom fire and rescue apparatus and a wholly owned subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation. Pierce was acquired by Oshkosh in 1996 and is currently the largest fire apparatus company in the world. The company was founded in 1913 by Humphrey Pierce and his son Dudley as the Pierce Auto Body Works Inc., and concentrated on building custom truck bodies for the Ford Model T. The first production facility was designed in 1917 and enlarged in 1918.  From the 1960s to the early 1980s, Pierce was primarily known for building custom bodies on commercial and other manufacturer's custom chassis.

Streamlining Your Procurement Practice

Tuesday, March 13th - 3:30 - 5:30 pm
ISM Northeast WI presents today's look into streamlining your process for goods and services and to reduce their costs, improve efficiency, automate processes, and eliminate bottlenecks. Procurement, as a vital element of an organization, must be able to function at top efficiency at all times. To do so, there must be flexibility and proper organization. Each must be able to review the purchasing function objectively and determine whether its current structure and system of operation fills the needs of the organization as well as the needs of procurement and supply management. Take this exciting opportunity to refine your thinking and find out what you can do to streamline your procurement process.


Planning and Strategy Development for Streamlining of Procurement

  • Lean and Agile Procurement
  • Procurement Process Flowcharting and Analysis
  • Two Categories of Strategy
  • Spend Analysis and Management
  • Categorization of Purchases Using Pareto's Rule
  • Kraljic's System of Portfolio Analysis
  • Kraljic's Supplier Preference Matrix

Organizing Procurement to Maximize Streamlining

  • Centralized vs. Decentralized Procurement
  • Eprocurement

Leading the Procurement Organization Toward Streamlining and Executing a Streamlining Strategy

  • More User Ordering and Less Purchase Ordering
  • Commercial Items Preferred
  • Simplified Legally and Business Sufficient Contract Templates
  • Advance Agreements With Major Suppliers
  • Current, Accurate, and Complete Policies and Procedures
  • Training and Professional Certification

Controlling and Evaluating the Procurement Organization in Its Streamlining Efforts

  • Communication and "Cybernetic Control"
  • Overcoming Resistance to Change
  • Trust and Approval Levels
  • Procurement Evaluation

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Survey Time! Chance to win 5 - $25 Gift Cards

We need your feedback! As a professional in supply chain, we want to know what topics are needed for the future. As the professional landscape gets more competitive we also want to stay on trend with how you like to recieve information.

Please take a moment to fill out a short 9 question survey. As a bonus, we will be drawing 5 - $25 gift cards. To enter, simply fill out the survey. The survey will close January 22nd. The drawing will take place February 9th and the winners will be notified shortly after.


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Board Member of the Month

A big welcome to Tyler Sass who joined the board of directors last year as the Treasurer. We sat down with Tyler to get to know him and understand his goals of being on the board of directors.

How long you have been in the sourcing profession/what positions you have held? I do not actually work in the sourcing profession. I am the Finance Manager for Operations and Technology at Associated Bank. I have been with Associated Bank for 8 years and have been in a finance role for almost 7 years supporting many areas such as Commercial Banking, Property Management, HR, Finance, and Purchasing. Before that I worked in the In-Store Branches as a Personal Banker.

What is your degree in? I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business (Finance Emphasis) from UW Green Bay and a Masters in Accounting from Lakeland College.

Why you are a board member? I work with the current Treasurer as well as another former board member. Based on conversations with them it seemed like something interesting to get involved with and expand my knowledge and skills. With the Treasurer term coming up for renewal in 2018, that seemed like a great fit to contribute and apply what I know while I learn.

What are you most excited about? I am excited about serving on the Board of Directors for a good organization while getting to learn more about working with a educational organization.


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